Saturday, September 21, 2013

Zachary- 6 Months Old

Where oh WHERE does the time go?! This little man is 6 months old now. He's sporting 4 teeth (2 of which he has had for over a month), loves to giggle, hates to sleep, and just started crawling!
Such a handsome little bud!


Ebby's Blessing

This is my third time having the privilege to work with little Miss Ebby, and it is SO fun to watch her grow! Only 2 months has gone by since the first time we meet, and I can't believe how much she has changed in such a short amount of time. One of the main reasons I became a photographer in the first place is because I felt like my children were growing up before my eyes.. and I wanted to be able to freeze time for just a moment. I wanted to be able to capture their personalities, and their awesome little quirks that make them who they are. 

When you are in the trenches of motherhood the days are long, but the years are fleeting. Someday we will turn around and our kids will be all grown up, having children of their own... And that's why pictures are so extremely important. The photos we take today will outlive you, and they will even outlive the people in them. They are an investment that we love and appreciate now, but will continue to gain value through the years. 

On that note, let's check out this darling girl! This was a super quick 15 minute shoot, and Ebby was an absolute angel! 

Norr Family

Ebby's Newborn shoot